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The Art And Science Of Recruiting Great Business Leaders

The most significant task for any business owner or leader is hiring the right people. It drives everything else. 

Yet many people with this responsibility have had little or no training in how to hire great leaders. 

Interviewology is entirely dedicated to this critical activity.  

topics Covered

Real World Results

Why your current results are probably the biggest waste in your business. Discover how to measure the impact to your bottom line.

Defining Your Requirements

How to specify whom you need to recruit with precision and gain gain complete 'buy-in' from the business.

Interviewing Strategies

Which questions you must ask and how to interpret candidate answers to predict future performance with accuracy.

Measuring Success

When and how to measure recruitment results to assess the effectiveness of your strategies and processes.

Interviewology Front Cover 2020 Compressed

Whats inside.

Practical tools and tactics to restructure your leadership recruitment process so that it delivers the outcome your business needs. 

Author spotlight

Founder of highly respected executive search firm RoundPegSearch and Co-Founder of multi-award winning recruitment technology platform Hire Insight Andy is a self-confessed leadership recruitment geek.

His Linchpin Methodology underpins the remote assessment centre features in Hire Insight which is used by executive search firms in EMEA, North-America and Australia to deliver a two year retention of new leadership hires of more than 97%. 

Andy Gooday

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